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Trinity United Reformed Church

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Trinity United Reformed Church is a community that meets with and is served by the risen Lord Jesus Christ.  We also serve one another with our spiritual gifts as the Body of Christ.  At Trinity, you can expect to hear God’s Word of forgiveness and grace given freely, through His Son, to all who believe in Him.  You can also expect to find a community that loves and cares for one another, encouraging one another and building one another up in the faith.  And you can expect to witness our love and care for the world in the name of Christ as we seek to do good to all, help those in need, and lead people to Him.

About Us

Sunday worship services

Morning: 9:30 am

Song Service: 4:50 pm

Afternoon: 5:00 pm

92.9 FM

1570 AM



3-4:00 pm



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upcoming events:

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